Under A Purple Moon

Well my friends, its been a while, and there’s been lots of changes happening in my life since the last time you heard from me. I won’t bore you with all the gory details; suffice it to say that sometimes the things we thought we’d never want, are exactly what we need.

A song that I adore: “Changes” by Langhorn Slim & The Law. There’s a line that goes:

Maybe it’s too soon
Under a purple moon
But I’d ride off with you in a big balloon

So my moon is glowing brilliant, I’ve chosen my balloon (it’s gorgeous I tell ya!) and whoever it is that’s going to join me on my next big adventure still remains to be seen. But I can tell you this, dear Reader, that this adventure in writing doesn’t stop here. It just can’t. Someone I consider to be a mentor recently said this about me, and I think he hit the nail on the head, “Writing is integral to her understanding of and engagement with the world.” Oh, all the warm fuzzies! Ahem…anyways. The point is, this isn’t the end. Not even close.

That said, keep your eyes peeled! I have another story being published in the next few weeks over at Literary Mama. I’ll share the link once it’s live.

In the meantime…for your enjoyment:



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